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Our veggie grain gets people talking.

"Food Awards 2019

Best Plant-Based"

"Five unexpectedly tasty 

grocery finds."

"We might be just a little obsessed with @rightrice."

The Entrepreneur Behind Popchips Hopes to Have Another Hit With Rice Made From Vegetables."

Kris Jenner, other celebs look to disrupt the $3B rice market."

Best Keto-friendly rice alternative."

RightRice is a game changer for White Rice."

RightRice ... Is Basically the
New Cauliflower Rice."

Say goodbye to empty carbs with these healthy rice brands."

Sounds like the
right choice to us.

The war on rice:
Plant-based alternatives target the American dinner plate."

Popchips Founder
Aims to Remake Rice.

RightRice is a
Vegetable Grain.

This rice alternative is easy to cook, and it's pretty
darn healthy."

This brand new
(and delicious!) product
deserves your full attention.

Packed with protein and tons of fiber, making for a perfect sub in friend rice, paella and other rice-based dishes."

5 Inventive Natural Food Industry Brands to Watch."

The not-so-starchy, low-carb, high fiber, high protein product tastes, look and cooks like conventional rice - in 10 minutes."

Vegetables-based Rice: rightRice Receives $5.5 Million Minority Investment
Led by Strand Equity."

RightRice Achieves Maximum Impact Through Minimum Minimalism."

These vegetable-based alternatives deliver on satisfaction and taste without all of the guilt."


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